Saturday, March 21, 2009

Quiz on Facebook...

I just did a quiz on facebook, what colour does your eyes reflect, and the result was so accurate! It really described me! This was the result:

Your eyes reflect the color Blue. You are a very calm and idealistic. You have many dreams and aspirations that you want to fullfill. You are a creative person and are very interested in things and people that are different from you. You have an urge to be noticed by people and you have natural talents. you like to express yourself in many ways and you think about life alot. You tend to be the motivater in a group and you dont have a solid opinion on things. Because you dont have solid opinions you do not like to choose between things. You can also be forgetful and lazy at times. You like to be alone sometimes. and you can be worried and sad about many things. In all you are Deep and Idealistic.

I love it when a quiz has a rather accurate result.. :)


Tails said...

Haha my homepage was spammed when 5 other friends also did a bunch of quizzes...the new FB doesnt let one filter those results lol

PixieDust said...

It allows you to hide it now, a little box appears on the right and gives the option.